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Meet The Candi Queen

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Thanks for visiting our website. I'm The Candi Queen, Tamesha Lynch! It is indeed a pleasure to bring you the finest quality in gourmet candy apples and sweet treats. The Candi Queen offers a number of unique desserts--many of them your childhood favorites, but with our unique twist. It is our personal guarantee to bring you sweet tooth satisfaction because our MAIN ingredient is LOVE! Subscribe for updates and follow us on the go! We're coming soon to a city near you.

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Gourmet Candy Apples The Candi Queen Raleigh, NC (2)_edited.jpg

"We could never have imagined that our brand would've become this big so quickly, and it’s all thanks to our amazing customers! We invite you all to shop our exclusive, delectable treats in person and online. If you're craving the ultimate Sweet Tooth Satisfaction, we guarantee we have something special just for you!"

-The Candi Queen, Tamesha Lynch

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