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The Candi Queen

Our Story

Our story began when our Owner, Tamesha Lynch missed the 2018 North Carolina State Fair. In early October 2018, Tamesha underwent surgery to prevent breast cancer and was unable to honor a long-standing family tradition of visiting the fair. Having a carnival style candy apple was a once a year indulgence that she did not want to miss. After her cravings for a candy apple grew stronger, she remembered a few steps of her grandmother’s candy recipe. Keep reading it gets sweeter... :)

Gourmet Candy Apples The Candi Queen Raleigh, NC (1)_edited_edited.jpg

After watching a YouTube video on the apple cleaning process, she created her very own carnival style candy apple! With encouragement from family and close friends, she began making candy apples for family and friends as holiday gifts. Specializing in sweet tooth satisfaction, The Candi Queen has grown over the years and now offers a variety of flavored candy apples, delectable homemade caramel apples, unique candied fruits, gourmet popcorn, and handcrafted candy slushies! With our main ingredient being LOVE, The Candi Queen is thrilled to encourage you to "Eat More Treats"!

The Candi Queen

Make your special event extra sweet!

We offer catering for private parties and other celebrations when you're craving the ultimate "Sweet Tooth Satisfaction. Send us a message or start a live chat and let's #eatmoretreats!

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